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About QFC Supply: Supplier to Facility Maintenance Professionals in Tampa Bay

We started in the maintenance industry with our hands on the burnisher, fingers in gloves, and feet in stripper slurry. We learned the ropes, solved the problems and first-hand experienced the need for a reliable supplier. Thus, QFC was founded in 2001.

Our dogs, pictured in this video and below, were the inspiration for us to stock a good inventory of dog waste removal products. Well, that and the fact we had first-hand experience dealing with dog waste issues for our customers through our contract cleaning business.

We are a family-owned and operated janitorial supply and facility maintenance business, dedicated to highly personalized service with honesty and integrity.

We make it easy to do business with us, whether you order online, on the phone or a fax machine.

Continuing education and staying on top of the newest developments in our industry is imperative. Check out our monthly Beach "Lunch and Learn" sessions. Each month we tackle a new topic with experts to keep you informed and operating at your peak performance.

QFC Janitorial supply in Tampa- Jack and Danette StringfellowNeed additional training of new staff? We will train your staff in your facility to assure the right product is being used in the right way.

If you are one of our first customers, we thank you for years of trust. If you have not checked us out, we look forward to your call and showing you the difference we can make in your everyday activities.

Jack and Danette Stringfellow
QFC Supply Company

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