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Dog Waste Disposal / Dog Poop Stations in Tampa Bay

QFC Supply carries the most extensive line of supplies for cleaning up dog waste to keep grounds, lawns, picnic and common areas free of dog poop.

Rolled Bags vs. Single Pull Bags

Watch the difference between rolled bags and single pull bags.

The single pull system provides larger bags and discourages wasted bags and reduce maintenance intervals.

The bag is larger to provide more materials between the users hands and the waste. They are flat-packed and easily slide onto the dispenser hooks for refilling.

These dispensers hold 600 bags which is 50% more than most roll bag dispensers. It generates 70% less waste as compared to rolled bags.

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Install directions dog poop bags
Station Round Mesh ONEpulĀ® Bag System

install directions for dog poop bags
Station Square Can ONEpulĀ® Single Pull Bag Station